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Spring, a Time for Salads!

Greetings, friends!

Spring has sprung in the Rocky Mountains, and it’s brought a much-welcomed dose of sunshine into our lives. 

As things begin to green up outdoors, it’s also a great time to green up your own life by mixing some fresh and delicious salad recipes into your diet.

Getting your daily dose of greens will help lead you on a swift path to a healthier heart – and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to keeping things interesting and appetizing.

Freshen Up Your Spring Dish With Fresh Grown Herbs!

I love spring!  It’s a great time to create delicious meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Of course, no meal would be complete without zesty garden fresh herbs.

For those of you who are considering starting an herb garden at home, here are some tips for growing a successful herb garden:

A great reason to Spring into a Heart Healthy Lifestyle. Get Cooking with Heart now and save $5.00.

Spring is here. That means longer days, warmer weather and a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to brighten up your plate!  I always enjoy creating beautiful heart-healthy creations this time of year.

Heart Healthy Pizza in 2 Minutes!

In two minutes you can prepare a delicious creation that the whole family will love! Believe it or not, I have created with a delectable pizza recipe that only takes two minutes to make. It’s a quick and delicious dinner that tastes good to you and your heart loves it too.

Enjoy a Beautiful Salad for Heart Month

February is heart month and what better way to celebrate than with a heart healthy recipe full of protein, fiber, color with lots of flavor! My, Beautiful Salad is a perfect way to couple earthy whole grains with crispy lettuce and colorful vegetables. It has a wonderful flavor and looks beautiful when prepared.

A Hearty, Delicious Meal that will Fend Off the Flu!

Flu season is here. Outside of popping vitamin c, eating your vegetables and staying active with regular exercise, is there anything else you can do to keep healthy, staving off illness?

Yes there is!

Preparing meals with health-boosting ingredients can provide you with extra minerals and vitamins that you may otherwise miss out on, strengthening your immune system and in turn defending your body against viral invaders.

Superbowl XLVI: Boston Cream Pie vs. New York Cheesecake

New England is known for its clam chowder, fresh seafood, and of course, Boston cream pie. Did you know Boston cream pie is not really a pie, but a cake?In 1855, a Chef at the Parker House Hotel in Boston topped off an English cream cake with chocolate frosting. Thus, the Boston cream pie was born. The dessert came to be known as a pie as it was baked and served from a metal baking tin. The Boston cream pie is now named in The Massachusetts’s law books as the official dessert of the State.

Healthy Hollandaise

Sauces and salad dressings add flavor and creaminess to so many dishes, but these delicious toppings can also make otherwise healthy dishes high in fat and calories. Reducing the unhealthy ingredients in sauces can seem intimidating and many epicureans refuse to substitute the butter and creams that give sauces their rich flavors.

Healthy Soup Secrets for the New Year

It is that time of year already. At the start of the New Year, we tend to reflect on how we want or need to improve and start lists of resolutions for the year to come.

Quick, weeknight chili

Most chili recipes require you to spend your entire day simmering and stirring. Making chili using this traditional method produces amazing results, but it can be limiting if you don’t have an entire day to spend cooking. 

Need a quick chili recipe with the same rich flavors as one cooked all day? Try my 30-Minute Chili. It’s perfect after a long day of work or on a busy weekend. What’s the secret to thickening the chili in such a short period of time? I use a skillet rather than a saucepan.