Phoenix Food Demo Featured Frittata – and More

Dr. Richard Collins - The Cooking Cardiologist

What an experience I had conducting a cooking demonstration at a Sears Appliance Store in Phoenix, Arizona! Here are the highlights of my adventure.

Not Your Average Appliance Center

All across America, Sears is creating neighborhood “cooking and cleaning” appliance centers where you can shop for kitchen equipment from refrigerators to ovens, cook tops and grills, as well as washers and dryers, dish washers and vacuum cleaners. What Sears did for Craftsman tools, they’re now doing for Kenmore and other leading home appliance brands. Assembled all in one place, you can compare prices and shop for your most-desired product. What a concept for saving money – and Sears stands behind every product it carries. I was impressed with the store.

Food Shopping at Fry’s

After arriving on Thursday, it was off to the grocery store on Friday to purchase ingredients for the five recipes I was demonstrating:

  • Corazonas™ Frittata
  • Pasta Melon Shrimp Salad
  • Guiltless Potato Chips
  • Blueberry Salsa
  • Almond Blueberry Clusters

We first stopped at the local Fry’s grocery store. Wow – it was huge! A complete destination store. I dropped by the culinary demo kitchen to chat with the chefs who had just finished their cooking demo. An impressive set up, to say the least. In the store, we were able to find all the products we needed, and even replaced a broken blender.

On Saturday, we arrived at Sears to a long line of guests waiting to get their cookbooks signed. By noon, it was already 95 degrees outside. Fortunately, Phoenix knows their air-conditioning. We started the cooking demo right on time.

Never Demo with Equipment You’ve Never Tried!

Inside the store, we couldn’t use an open flame, so I cooked on a portable induction cook top. At the last minute, I had ordered a frittata pan that was supposed to be induction-ready. It arrived on time Saturday morning, but the pan would not heat up.

So, I did what every guy would do in that situation: I turned up the heat to maximum. The bottom of the frittata came out, shall we say, well-caramelized – or in non-chef terms, burnt! Fortunately, I was able to save the day by trimming off the bottom of the frittata. It tasted surprisingly good, and no one (except the eye of the video camera) knew how close we came to disaster.

A Warm, Southwestern Welcome

The people who attended the cooking demo were wonderful. I met an individual who had bypass surgery several years ago and could hardly walk from a hip problem. Two lovely twin sisters in their 70s were a spark of life, along with a woman who was just diagnosed with a high cholesterol and desired no medications.

The evening ended with dinner at True Food Kitchen. If you’re ever in Phoenix, this is the place to go for great healthy food. Partly owned by Dr. Andrew Weil, a preventative physician, the food is organic and locally grown, with dishes meeting the dietary needs of people with heart disease, diabetes and gluten intolerance. The tastes were exceptional.

All in all, the people in Phoenix had a warm heart and made me feel right at home. Can’t wait to get back there again.

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