Recipes: Entrées – Meatless

The Carrot Dog

There are so many ingredients in hot dogs these days that unless it’s a no nitrate, clean product, I would not want to sink my teeth into at a BBQ. If Applegate Farms or a 100% beef hot dog is not available, this is great on the grill. You won’t miss the meat. Trust me (and there’s more room to sneak in a cookie for being good!) 

Black Bean Zucchini Veggie Burger

Veggie burgers are challenge to create a “meaty” texture. Commercial veggie burgers have additives, which makes them stick together, unlike in your own kitchen where you can use fresh ingredients.

The only options for “glue” to hold the burger together are eggs, breadcrumbs and pureed ingredients. One simple  technique is to prevent the mixture from getting too “wet”, by firming and compressing the patty, which removes excess water and then freezing the veggie patty until ready. These patties can be placed in the oven, on a skillet or the grill.

The zucchini adds a structural binder to the burger. When grilling, it is best to use a pizza stone, soapstone or aluminum foil to create an even sear. This allows the burger to maintain its shape and make a crispier surface.

BBQ "Ribs" & Beans

BBQ has been on my mind lately and this dish satisfies my craving for true western BBQ flavors. Instead of using fatty BBQ meat, this heart-healthy recipe calls for a vegetarian product full of taste and texture just like ribs. So dish up a plate of these ribs & beans and you’ll be take a trip back to the West. It’s tasty and good for your heart because it’s cholesterol free and has all the greatness of good ole pork and beans.

Orange, Broccoli & Jicama Stir-fry



Here is an easy stir-fry recipe that is vegan and heart-healthy, loaded with flavors of orange, ginger and a hint of red pepper. This dish is Asian inspired with the sweetness of jicama, a root vegetable often overlooked in the produce section. This meal is cholesterol free and tastes just like any usual stir-fry, thanks to the secret ingredient in the meatless version of “chicken.” Your family and friends will never know the difference. The dish should end up crisp, crunchy and sweet. 

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Polenta

Polenta is an Italian dish derived from cornmeal. It can be served soft as a mush or firm, grill roasted. Usually it is thickened with cheese, Parmesan or gorgonzola, and butter. The secret to smooth polenta is in the attention to stirring on the stovetop. Polenta is usually accompanied with a tomato topping. It can be served as a side dish, first course or even for breakfast like grits, a southern American corn dish.

2-Minute Pizza

In two minutes you can prepare a delicious creation that the whole family will love! Believe it or not, I have created with a delectable pizza recipe that only takes two minutes to make. It’s a quick and delicious dinner that tastes good to you and your heart loves it too.

Italian Herb Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Frittata

This fabulous recipe combines some of my favorite ingredients: Italian herbs and pasta.

The Gourmet Garden™ herb blends create a truly Mediterranean flavor that makes this dish something you’ll crave. Their blends have a fabulous aroma and taste without adding extra fat or calories.

Dreamfields spaghetti is a unique pasta creation. It has a lower glycemic index (the ability to raise blood sugar) with less useable carbohydrates and greater fiber.

The recipe is very low in cholesterol with the yellow color of coming from roasted yellow bell pepper instead of egg yolks. You will never miss the fat and cholesterol from the yolks.

It is best cooked in a frittata pan. You can also use two pans placed on top of each other. An average guy would use duct tape to secure the handles. This allows the “omelet” to be flipped completely, creating a crusty layer on each side.


The Carrot Dog

While not a Chicago Dog, the Carrot Dog has all the characteristics of a hot dog without the cholesterol, fat, unknown meat derivatives and nitrites. It’s fun on a bun!