Recent Recipes

Angel Eggs Not Deviled Eggs

The hunt is over! Here is a recipe that converts Deviled Eggs to Angel Eggs with fewer calories and fat all while maintaining the flavor of the standard egg icon in America. Simply discard the fat, calories and cholesterol that are found in egg yolks and keep the good protein - the egg white (albumin). Try these on your family…just do not tell them ahead of time. :-) 

BBQ "Ribs" & Beans

BBQ has been on my mind lately and this dish satisfies my craving for true western BBQ flavors. Instead of using fatty BBQ meat, this heart-healthy recipe calls for a vegetarian product full of taste and texture just like ribs. So dish up a plate of these ribs & beans and you’ll be take a trip back to the West. It’s tasty and good for your heart because it’s cholesterol free and has all the greatness of good ole pork and beans.

Chilled Spring Pea Basil Avocado Soup

Let’s put some spring into your plate. Here’s a perfect combination of the green flavors of Spring - spring peas, basil and a ripe avocado.  As a result, the calories are reduced thanks to the non-dairy creamer and provides a smooth texture. Serve chilled. Perfect for spring or summer!

St. Patrick's Day Non-Alcoholic Spritzers

Not everyone wants to drink green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day, so in honor of the celebration I found some Irish themed drinks that are refreshing and fun. No Irish coffee here. Happy day o’ the green. 

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Redo of Paula Dean's Classic

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we are taking a Chicken Pot Pie and doing a recipe redo. I was in the mood for something a bit lighter than the meaty version of a true Shepherd’s Pie, so while researching recipes, I saw Paula Dean’s recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. Paula hails from Savannah, Georgia, a beautiful historic town that is also known for its revered St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Party celebration. It’s only fitting to tie the two together.

This recipe is a makeover of Paula Dean’s recipe from 2006. Our substitutions represent techniques in a classic makeover resulting in less fat, calories and salt. You are the judge, but we believe it tastes just as good as the original.

Free-Range Organic Roasted Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic

You read that right – 40 cloves of garlic in this recipe today!

The clay roaster used in this recipe is perfect because it allows a higher temperature for roasting, yet prevents the chicken from drying out. The garlic – sweet and soft when roasted – infuses into the chicken. A standard oven roaster could be used, but bring the oven temperature down to 375 degrees and reduce cooking time. It’s important to cook poultry well. Simply use a temperature probe and insert into the chicken breast to determine doneness. Internal temperature should reach 175 – 180 degrees for safety

Flourless Chickpea Lemon Torte

Love the protein count on this one! And made without flour. Enjoy. 

Chickpea Greek Yogurt Dip

We’re going garbanzo beans this week! Love the lemon zest in this dip, really brings out the flavors. 

Gluten-Free Heart-Healthy Chocolate Cake

This is the same Heart-Healthy Chocolate Cake recipe made without eggs, butter and dairy. However, since I follow a gluten-free diet as well, I had to make one to satisfy my sweet tooth. Enjoy!