Recent Recipes

Heart Healthy Chocolate Cake

This recipe is rich in taste, yet made without butter, oil, eggs or dairy. It is perfect for those individuals who are sensitive to certain foods.

The original recipe was War Cake from World War II. My mother gave me this recipe and she actually used it back in the day, but I modified it to make it more heart healthy. During World War II, eggs, butter and dairy products went to the front lines, but the home front needed their chocolate too. Can you believe the original recipe called for lard in World War I and then vegetable shortening in World War II? Times have changed. I replaced the shortening with tofu to give the cake moisture and depth of texture. The icing is also heart healthy and non-dairy…a healthier twist.

The chocolate ganache filling and icing is truly sinless, made without dairy or fat - unreal and guiltless! It is made with a coconut “creamer” that is fat free, known as So Delicious® and so it is! 

Oscar Winning Smoked Salmon Crepe Appetizer

The Oscars for 2013 feature a unique display of food, according to Chef Wolfgang Puck. Gone is the formal dinner, but an array of fifty small plates and as the rumor has it, “It’s a food party”. Of course, Chef Wolfgang says that there will be the usual Smoked Salmon Oscar on blinis.

Here is a heart-healthy version with tasty bites of smoked salmon rolled inside of a gluten-free crepe.

These bite-sized appetizers are rich with omega-3 fats because in this recipe, I made the crepes with omega-3 eggs, which means each egg has about 200 to 350 mg of omega-3 fat. And when we add in the salmon, the omega-3 amount is boosted even more. The taste is wonderful especially with the fat free honey mustard sauce. If omega eggs are not available in your area, regular eggs may be used. To reduce the amount of cholesterol, I recommend using an egg alternative.

Lower Your Cholesterol Smoothie

I am always talking about the importance of knowing your cholesterol numbers. I know it’s not easy to get those numbers down, but here’s a super smoothie recipe that is a wonderful way to help lower your cholesterol. This smoothie contains: Plant Sterols that can lower LDL cholesterol by up to 14%, EPA and DHA in fish oil  that is anti-inflammatory for the body; strawberries that are high in antioxidants and fiber, calcium and Vitamin D for bone and heart health. This smoothie provides lots of fiber, antioxidants and 16 grams of protein as much as 3 eggs. So bring it on, you’re ready!!

Heart-Healthy Chocolate Almond Truffles

Dark Chocolate and its antioxidant properties make this a heart-healthy dessert, perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you are in need of a special homemade celebration treat. This recipe uses the awesome agave plant. Agave syrup (nectar) is about 90% fructose. Its sweet content is slightly more than sugar, so less goes further in any recipe, approximately 25% less. Two teaspoons of agave equals ½ carbohydrate exchange for diabetics.

Polenta "Sausage" Cakes

Just because it’s Fat Tuesday or let’s say it’s the weekend and you want to cheat a bit on a fattening breakfast - try this heart healthier recipe instead of reaching for the traditional bacon and eggs fare.

Polenta is whole grain and easy to prepare, although it does take a bit of attention and time at the cook top. I recommend making a big batch and then freezing the cakes, which will simplify preparation in the morning. The polenta egg cheese stacker is sure to please any hungry person and with the vegetarian protein boost, the rest of the day’s hunger will be kept at bay.

Fruit Stir-Fry


Here is a real treat and a variation on stir-frying. This is a tasty dessert. It is fabulous served warm over pound cake or angel food cake. This dish is best prepared in a wok at high heat. It does the same to fruit as the wok does to vegetables. A quick high heat caramelizes the fruit. In place of the orange liqueur, orange juice may be substituted.

Orange, Broccoli & Jicama Stir-fry



Here is an easy stir-fry recipe that is vegan and heart-healthy, loaded with flavors of orange, ginger and a hint of red pepper. This dish is Asian inspired with the sweetness of jicama, a root vegetable often overlooked in the produce section. This meal is cholesterol free and tastes just like any usual stir-fry, thanks to the secret ingredient in the meatless version of “chicken.” Your family and friends will never know the difference. The dish should end up crisp, crunchy and sweet. 

The Baltimore 'Berger' Cookie



Baltimore may be known for Ray Lewis, the Ravens and crab cakes, there is another Baltimore icon that dates back to the 1800’s. George and Henry Berger, who were bakers in Germany, moved to America in 1835 and they brought with them their family cookie recipe. Eventually, Henry opened up a bakery in East Baltimore. After many generations and sell offs, this icon of a cookie is now made by DeBaufre Bakeries. Here is the recipe as original as it can be, except rewritten to make the cookies heart healthier. However, it is a cookie so keep in mind not much can be done with a butter cookie!

San Francisco Sourdough Caramel Ghirardelli® Bread Pudding


This bread pudding is a perfect blend of flavors…sourdough bread, the sweetness of the caramel and Ghirardelli chocolate. It should be a signature dish of San Francisco next to the Buena Vista Coffee shop known for their Irish coffee. For a gluten-free version, just substitute the sourdough with your favorite gluten-free white sandwich bread. 

Quinoa Breakfast Pudding

Say good-bye to bland oatmeal! This breakfast dish uses quinoa and is filled with great antioxidant properties. The flavors of coconut, ginger and mango give this breakfast pudding a Caribbean/tropical feeling, but will warm you up in the winter months and provide healthy energy to go about your day. For additional flavors, try adding delicious blueberries or your favorite berry.